Refuse To Sink

The name is Veronica Cecilia<3
But you can call me Vero<3
21 years of age..<3
From chicago i love my cityy<3 follow me
ill follow back....

I fell for you in every sense of the word (via extrasad)

(via sandra-ardnas)

You fall in love
and suddenly you fall into him
and you want to fall asleep with him
and you want to fall into his arms when you’re drunk
and you want to fall into deep conversations with him at three in the morning
and you want his fingers falling down your back in the middle of the night
and you want to hold his hand and fall into step with him as you walk
and you want him kissing you when the rain is falling so hard outside that you pull over because you can’t see through the windshield
and then 6 months later tears are falling down your cheeks
and you’re falling asleep alone
and you fall apart


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what the fuck

lmao the fuck did I just see
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